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A ghost horror about single mother and nurse Natalie who falls mysteriously ill and struggles to stop her family from being destroyed.


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Cricital ACCLAIM

“What really gets under the viewer’s skin in “Surrogate” is Natalie’s particular predicament of a parent who right down to the film’s shocking ending feels pushed past her limits.”

LA Times


“The highest praise I can give a horror film — which I wholeheartedly dole out here — is that I’ll definitely be thinking about this one for a little while.”

Midwest Journal


“Willing does an excellent job of ratcheting up the suspense with both his writing and directing…with top-notch performances.”

Film Threat


“With one of the best seance scenes you are likely to ever see, Surrogate maybe the best horror you see this year.”


“A really intriguing mystery, and as the story went on, I just became more and more hooked…This is one of the best genre films i’ve seen all year.”


“The writing by director David Willing and Beth King never lets the viewer get comfortable with twists and turns…It’s clever in its way to subvert expectations.”


“This independent horror gem is absolutely unstoppable in its fierce atmosphere.”


“It creeped me out!”

Dark Sky Lady


“The cast is phenomenal…the storytelling incredible…some very effective jumps and gore!”

Ravenous Monster


“A suitably creepy affair that tips it cap to Insidious & The Conjuring.”



“A throwback to old school horror with plenty of tension and a terrific score, Willing’s movie proves that showing less is indeed more.”

My Bloody Reviews


“Director David Willing masterfully builds tension that leaves the viewers on the edge of their seat.”

Film Festival Today


“Reignited my love of horror.”



“A superbly dark psychological thriller…induces forehead sweat beads…really excels is in the chill factor.”

Movie Hole


“It continues to build up tension for a final revelation.”

Spotlight Report


“Truly disturbing…scarier than most horror efforts made by big-budget studios…Don’t miss it. 8/10.”

Fiction Horizon


“A whirlwind of mystery & animosity that’ll leave them guessing until the very twisted and dark ending.”

Loud & Clear


“Unsettling spooker.”

Bloody Disgusting



Kestie Morassi

Natalie Paxton
Wolf Creek | Home and Away

Jane Badler

Lauren Balmer
V | Mission Impossible

Taysha Farrugia

Rose Paxton
The Inbestigators

Darcy Kent

William Paxton
Neighbours | Offspring

Louise Siversen

Anna Paxton
Prisoner | House Husbands

Ellie Stewart

Ava Akard
Book Of The Old Ways


David Willing

Writer | Director | Producer

beth King


Konfir Kabo

Executive Producer

Vikki Blinks

Producer | 1st AD

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